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Alison Crowther

Winding Bench with Roller Ball, in Oak


After completing her MA in Furniture Design at The Royal College of Art, London, Alison Crowther has received many commissions for her inventive benches for use in gardens, parks and commons. She has had her work exhibited at the V&A and was included as one of five exhibitors in Overground: Contemporary Sculpture in Jubilee Park, Canary Wharf, London, including David Nash and Peter Randall-Page.

For her bench-come-sculptures and other objects, Crowther hand-carves great trunks of unseasoned English oak to compliment the natural environments in which they are displayed and used. She embraces the natural characteristics of the oak and, guided by the grain and annual rings, her carving forms winding, organic structures. The surfaces, exposed to the elements, are in a continuous process of change and refinement as weathering and seasoning ‘silver-down’ and form part of the wood’s history.

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