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Oliver Budd

Mosaic for Lakeside Nursing HomeDetail for the mosaic for Lakeside Nursing Home

Oliver Budd is a second-generation mosaic artist trained in the strict andiments of Smalti mosaic and particularly skilled in portraiture and the representation of reality in that medium. Budd Mosaics was founded in 1951 After Kenneth Budd graduated from the Royal College of Art. The company designed and produced many huge public art mosaic murals from 1960 onwards. These began in Birmingham City centre in the 60’s and continued in South Wales from the 70’s.

Early Budd mosaics, certainly up to Kenneth’s death in 1995, took as their themes historical events or places (often site-specific) and would be very figurative in nature. Forms of abstraction have occurred throughout the last four decades, notably the Great Western Railway mural 1969 where Kenneth had a more rigid design in the form of a gridwork of gold lines forming the artwork. Later still the mural Aquaflight (2000) where Oliver took a more organic design principle to his work to create a continual flowing piece, again using the human form, but stretched and simplified.

Working now from his East Sussex studio Oliver designs and creates mosaics of a diverse range of styles and employs a wide range of materials; glass, ceramic, marble and other forms of natural stone to add variety and texture to his mosaics. The works still err towards a representation of reality but enjoy patterns, colours and textures that make them distinctive.

Along with commissioned works Oliver teaches in schools, colleges (VT Chelsea College of Art) and for art societies. He undertakes restoration work, particularly Victorian churches (complete restoration of St Catherine’s Church floor, Baglan, South Wales 2006) and private houses. He is a member of the Art Worker’s Guild, Bloomsbury and winner of the Rouse Kent Public Art Award (2000) and the David Radcliffe Trophy for architectural embellishment. Often signs work with rose budd motif (bronze disc) .

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