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Stephen Cox

'Catamaran' for Castle Quay'Catamaran' for Castle QuayWork for a Private Collection

Stephen Cox

Born and educated in Bristol, he has travelled extensively abroad exhibiting in major Art Galleries and Museums. He has also been commissioned to produce important public sculptures in major cities around the world.

The primary focus of the sculptures of Stephen Cox is their historical depth. More than any other contemporary British sculptor, he has chosen to work with techniques and materials that evoke the thought and beliefs of earlier periods of history, when the relationship between innovative art and religious culture was much more profound and direct. According to Alberti, the Italian Renaissance theorist whose work Cox has taken extremely seriously, the activity of sculpting can be divided into three categories: modelling, carving and working with metal.

Since the 1970s, Cox has concentrated his efforts almost exclusively on the oldest and most problematic of these options: carving in stone; and the materials he has chosen to carve have included the hardest and most intractable stones ever quarried.

‘Kouros’ carved by Stephen Cox from Imperial Egyptian porphyry the recumbent male torso is placed on a Hammamat brescia plinth in the form of one of Cox’s series of sculptures, ‘Interior Spaces’.

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