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Tim Morgan

The Atrium, St. Brelade's

Tim Morgan was born in Kent in 1970 and studied at Ravensbourne College of Design and Communication (1989-90), Edinburgh College of Art (1990-91, 1996-98 and a postgraduate diploma, (1998-99) and the Royal College of Art, London (1999-2000). He was awarded the Andrew Grant Postgraduate Scholarship at Edinburgh College of Art in 1998 and the Royal College and Borders Group Prize in 2001.

Whilst still at the Royal College, Morgan was commissioned by the Contemporary Art Society and Economist magazine to make a sculpture for the Economist Plaza. He was then an intern for the specialists in glass architecture, James Carpenter Design Associates in New York. Since graduating he has been a visiting lecturer at Surrey Institute of Art and Design, University College, Farnham, Surrey. His work has been selected for the prestigious Bombay Sapphire Blue Room Exhibition and, in association with architects Terry Farrell and Partners, he is currently creating a sculpture for the redevelopment of Lots Road Power Station, Fulham.

Morgan explores various physical phenomena in his practice, such as the meniscus or surface tension of water, or the quality of light passing through glass. As well as small and large-scale glass sculptures many of these pieces are interventions in the environment. Through his use of glass or other materials he creates a finely balanced hole in the surface of the water at his chosen location, whether it is a puddle, pond or tidal region, apparently subverting physical laws. This work may be cyclic or transitory, depending on the stability of the water or the tide. These are recorded as photographs or videos.

The Atrium, St. Brelade’s
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